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Do I Dazzle You? - Rob and Kristen - ‘Going Back To The Start’

Why is it people think there is something wrong, when you don’t post up on your blog?
They automatically assume the world has crashed down around them, that some devious undercurrent is taking place?

When in fact, RL; you know that thing that goes on regardless of what Rob and Kristen are doing, takes over and you just have to prioritise where your loyalties lie. 
What some people don’t do that? They fester behind their computers searching for answers, clues, hints and speculations on what Rob is doing. Where is he, is he with Kristen? Is he in LA or NYC (schmoozing with his super secret girlfriend of 4 yrs called Jessica?)
Is Kristen with him, did she come home to LA from NYC. No one has seen or heard of her, do you think she is alright? Do you think she is with ROB?

Seriously you need to calm yourselves down, because this bat-shit craziness is the one reason why this fandom has failed so miserably, in common sense.
Everyone is running around in circles, clutching at straws like demented dervishes ‘needing to know that RobSten is safe’

First of all - i HATE that label! Seriously every time i see it, read it and have it shoved in my face when i log into twitter, i want to do some permanent damage. The very sentiment of that label is why the media jump on the PR bandwagon; oh let’s give a couple a snazzy label, let’s conjoin their names together and create an image. A product for the fans to latch onto with the wisdom of ‘RobSten’ is alive and well. To follow it up by the haters of the two together - NonStens - because they believed it never existed!!

LET’S NOT shall we?

Now you have ‘RobSten is Unbroken’ do yourselves a favour and stop with the labels please, it’s just bloody embarrassing. Rob and Kristen were never a label, they never wanted to be a by-product of fandom craziness. They never wanted to be called anything, they just wanted to be themselves. The entertainment industry is a fickle place where people; those who want to work hard, do so by creating their own image, their own name. Do you know how many Directors and Actors actually shy away from working with either Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart - BECAUSE of the crazy fans they have?

It’s been a mad 3 months; days/weeks where it felt like there had been a death. Those who had invested so much time on two people, felt their lives where over. Refused to eat, sleep or even think about Rob and Kristen as…no more.
Fans lost their shit and left the fandom, because they couldn’t deal with their emotional connection to them O_o 

They took down their sites, tumblr and video accounts. Decided that enough was enough. They turned on Kristen and called her names, turned to Rob and showed that they were really, Rob fans to begin with.
The media loved this; they sat back in aroused rapture, as the fans picked each other apart; stood on opposite sides - Kristen V’s Rob - the ugly battle. Wrote up their embellished and elaborated stories and the crazies ate it up, one-bit-at-a-time.

Then there where those, who never bought into the theory that two people; who have been together right from the very start of this madness, would suddenly just - up and quit!
That they would throw away what they had, over something so stupid, so quickly over before it began. So underhandedly suspicious and deplorable… 
yeah you get my meaning.

The latest round up of suspicious rumours or should i say the ‘slippery steps the media are taking, to back track on their spineless hate of Kristen’ report that ‘Rob and Kristen are back together!’
Umm…when were they ever apart?

You see dear avid readers, those that chose to believe the media; the trash-toids and sites with their need to sell their stories, thrashed the whole ‘break up, split up and never getting back together’ shit around since July. With embellished and over the top theories, that Rob flew his love nest and licked his wounds elsewhere, while Kristen succumbed to not eating, not washing and not going out.

It made big headlines, it sold magazines, it was the top story on many an entertainment site - Rob and Kristen have split up, following her cheating…(let’s not get into that debate again!!)

But you see…all of this, did it come from an actual rep of Rob’s, Kristen’s? No!…How disappointing.

In the 3 months that have passed…nothing from either Rob or Kristen, friends or family (with the exception of smelly cheese and her elaborate stories) haters rejoiced - YES we have won!!

Won what?

The right to say a told you so?
Eh no, because nothing was confirmed, nothing was put to press, or had the nod and the go ahead, by either team of the couple. 
So really the party was over before it began.

Each went out and did their respective promotions and despite the need to know if either ‘where okay?’ They proved to their fans that indeed they were. 

Rob’s fans wanted to see him in NYC a dishevelled mess, so they could hate on Kristen even more. He turned on the charm, he smiled and was gracious as he did the mundane interviews and he sold Cosmopolis

Kristen took her tentative steps at the TIFF, smiled and was gracious to those who watched and supported the movie and sold On The Road

Of course she looked a bit like a ‘deer caught in the headlights’ after weeks of her name being dragged through the mud, you too would look like that. But like her partner Rob, she did what she had to do and wowed not only the crowd, but the bitching and backstabbing media.

Now what?

Well as i said at the beginning; those who feel the need to be constantly comforted, soothed and reassured, find the silence from some to be a little concerning, why i have no idea? There is nothing wrong from where i am standing and i have been standing observing all that has happened, with a cynical and critical eye.

Those that are finding their way back to this fandom, do so with trepidation as to how they will be received. If you are not strong enough to support two people at their worst, then really why are you supporting them now, when there is a possibility that the media was all smoke and shit? That a lot of their lies where just concocted melodrama, that fed off the hysteria that brought so many to their knees.

So, as the words of ‘Coldplay’s’ - The Scientist;
"Oh, let’s go back to the start."

If you want to believe in everything the media tells you - then stop now before you go any further. The truth always comes from the original source - i.e. either Rob or Kristen.

It doesn’t come from sources.
It doesn’t come from super secret insiders.
It doesn’t come from nameless people; who are related to someone who worked with someone, who ate lunch one time with Rob or Kristen.
It doesn’t come from haters who have an agenda.

The label - ‘RobSten’ is dead, so stop using it because really it’s embarrassing.

It’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Together? They were never apart.

Tempest xx 

Totally Off Topic;
I have this little icon i use on Twitter and here; it’s of Maisy i believe, from the Peanuts characters (Charlie Brown and Peanuts)
As some of you know i adore Patrick Dempsey; i have been a fan of his since i was 16 (long time ago cough, cough) and i saw this little gem today and had to post it up :D

I didn’t know Doctor Derek Shepard (Grey’s Anatomy) was now training to be a Psychiatrist? 
And just to prove a point - my little mini-me;

LOL, have a nice day!!

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